Toyota Rav4 2.5

Was the victim of inaccurate truck maneuvering. Severe damage to the rear left fender. Wing replacement is undesirable, as any weld seam will eventually become a weak point against corrosion. We managed to make repairs without visible differences "before" and "after" and saved the factory metal — an excellent result.

BMW 528i xDrive

Got a small but difficult blow to the trunk lid — stiffness was hurt. Repairs with a minimum layer of putty and painting with original ceramic varnish gave excellent results.

Volvo S80 3.2 AWD 2009

This car has 7 years of life in open parking lots and 107,000 km. mileage under its wheels. Complete restorative polishing followed by Willson Silane Guard for excellent results.

By itself, the application of Willson Silane Guard protective nano-composition does not require preliminary abrasive polishing, but taking into account the age and mileage of the car, the owner decided to get the maximum result.

BMW 520i

The BMW 520i in premium Black Carbon is damaged at the front right: bumper corner and front right fender. Considering a mileage of 6,910 km., the job should have been done perfectly. Repair, painting the front right fender without removing it from the car, local painting of the right side of the front bumper without completely disassembling the bumper — an ideal result and no signs of interference.

In addition, we applied two coats of Willson Silane Guard and the black car became incredibly attractive — the color received additional brightness and depth, and the paintwork got protection.

S60 T5

S60 T5 suffered in a head-to-head accident. Significant damage to the front of the vehicle. At the request of the Client, the perfect result was required, which is why we used strictly new original Volvo parts. In addition, our Client needed to have time to restore the car by a certain date (related to a long trip), and therefore we were extremely short in terms of time. Replacing the front of the right side member, replacing the amplifier, front panel, bumper, repairing and painting the hood — this is just a small part of the work performed. The bottom line — we did it! The car looks, it seems, even better than it was (well, at least, the decorative grille is new) and the owner kept to his plans.

XC90 Executive

This stunning XC90 Executive suffered the damage from Ford Transit. Unfortunately, the rear wing could not be saved. However, using high quality materials, we are confident that the car will not be corroded for a long time, even despite the welded seams. Some spare parts are used, some are new. The well-coordinated work of the team and the professionalism of each individual gave an excellent result. In the shortest possible time and in the most optimal way for the Client's budget, we've achieved complete recovery after an accident. Now it's not at all necessary to sell the car, and if it does, then look into the eyes of the buyer with a clear conscience.

Volvo S60 T4

S60 T4 suffered a collision on the Moscow Ring Road with a Ford Mondeo, whose driver fell asleep while driving. Unfortunately, the rear wing could not be saved. Nevertheless, the car will not be aware of corrosion for a long time — using the best materials and strictly observing the technological process, we are confident about the result. Perfect job.

Volvo XC60 D4

The unfavorable and in some places very aggressive environment of Moscow region leads to the following results: a small stone formed a chip, which eventually grew into a huge gaping rusty fragment! But for us this is a trivial matter — two days of work and an excellent result can be seen in the photo!

Volvo XC60 2.0

The owner of this car didn't notice a small parking post, which led to the damage to the rear left fender and rear bumper. And on the front wing, due to small chips, the entire wing went under the color. The result — the damaged body parts were repaired and painted, and the car owner is happy!

Jaguar XF Diesel S 2014

Almost every car owner thinks about how to maintain the attractive appearance of his car over the years. The paintwork of the body of any car gradually loses its freshness and brightness of color with time, small chips and damage can appear on it, which, in fact, happened with this 2014 Jaguar XF Diesel S. To solve such problems, the best option is refurbishment polishing and the use of Willson Protective Agent.

Volvo XC60 D4 2015

The following happened to this cracker — 7 months after painting the varnish peeled off. This could have happened for a number of reasons:
- substandard materials;
- non-observance of technology in the painting process.
We, at the Larson Car Body Center, know the technology and use only proven materials, which is why we give a 1 year warranty!

Volvo XC60 D5 AWD «R-Design»

This vehicle suffered damage to the front left fender, door and left side sill. The customer had a principled position to repair all body elements. It turned out to be quite difficult, but the qualified masters of Larson coped with the task with an excellent score.

Volvo All-New XC90

Cover for fog lights.
This pad was damaged during parking in a snowdrift.
Our specialists were able to restore it, and the client was able to save a round amount of money :)

Volvo XC70

Headlights polishing + pasting with armored film.

What can be done with headlights that are dull?
1) to carry out restoration polishing;
2) stick on a protective armor film that will protect their shiny condition — for a long time.

Acura RL

It is extremely unpleasant when you go out to your car in the morning and find that an inept UFO driver touched your car and thereby caused damage to it. But in the Larson Car Body Center they dealt with injuries quickly and efficiently!

Range Rover Sport Supercharged

The owner of the charged RRSS did not notice the parking bollard and got used to the rear right door. The task of the Larson Car Body Center wasn't easy: repairing and painting the aluminum door, but we did it!

Bentley Continental GT

The condition of the paintwork can be restored, or it can be protected from environmental influences. The owner of this luxurious Bentley took care and protected it with a special protective coating Willson Silane Guard — 2 layers. The result is obvious!

Volkswagen Passat CC

It is what it is... Unknown people decided to give charm, in their own way... As a result, the bumper is subject to painting, the radiator grill and other linings are washed and replaced ... Be kinder to each other :)

Volvo XC60 D4 AWD

As a result of the inattention of another driver in the parking lot, this car was damaged in the front left fender. The Larson Car Body Center quickly and efficiently dealt with this problem. The front wing was repaired and painted.


Parking bollards often go unnoticed through the rear-view mirrors, and they are not always seen by parking assistants... Be careful when reversing.

Range Rover Evoque

Exclusive RR in two-tone performance suffered a minor accident. An absolutely ordinary situation, the culprit of the accident drove through the intersection without giving the blue cracker an advantage. Range Rover collided with its rear left fender.

The task of the Larson Car Body Center was to keep the wing intact. We have coped with this!

Toyota RAV4

Small obstacles such as parking bollards are not always detected by car parking sensors. As a result, the car received damage to the trunk lid. It was not difficult for our specialists to save the 5th door, and the result pleased the owner very much.

Porsche Macan 2019

A 2019 Porsche Macan in a very interesting color Mamba Green Metallic drove to the Larson Car Body Center to apply the protective Willson Silane Guard.

The condition of the paintwork (LCP) on the car is perfect, and the applied composition of the Japanese brand Willson will help protect from external influences and maintain shine. According to the manufacturer, the effect of the protective coating lasts up to 1 year, but in practice it all depends on the operating conditions (number of washes, mileage, storage conditions, etc.).

Willson Silane Guard is:
Highly effective protection against scratches, the harmful effects of salt reagents and ultraviolet rays;
Essential hydrophobic properties. Water and dirt roll off the surface of the car before our eyes, the car retains its clean appearance much longer;
The brightness of the car color.

Since the car is practically new and the paintwork is in excellent condition, therefore, the procedure for applying the protective composition did not require polishing, only deep removal of dirt and the smallest holograms.

A hologram is a minor paintwork defect that looks like iridescent concentric circles and ellipses that resemble a holographic sign of product authenticity.

The reason for the appearance of holograms can be:
Improper polishing;
Poor quality polishing materials;
Wipe dust off a dry surface;
Poor quality washing.

The cost of treatment with Willson Silane Guard was 15,000 rubles.

Volvo XC70

The rear left side of the Volvo XC70 was injured in a traffic accident. At first glance, the damage is not very serious.

However, as a result of troubleshooting, it was revealed: dents on the rear left fender, the rear left door was damaged, the rear bumper fell off the mountings and cracked in the area of ​​the mudguard, the plastic lining of the left sill was cracked and the rear left fender was damaged, the outer mirror body and its mirror element were broken, damaged wheel rim and the rear left trailing arm is bent.

Once again, Volvo's safety is on top — all the necessary passive safety systems have worked properly: the driver's seat side airbag, side curtain and seat belts.

The specialists of the Larson Car Body Center were faced with the task of returning the car to its original state. Of course, we wanted to mitigate the damage as much as possible, so it was necessary to restore it carefully, avoiding replacing a good one with a new one, while not harming the safety of the car.

The rear left fender and door were repaired. Replaced the broken elements — plastic sill trim and expander, outside mirror housing and mirror element, trailing arm and alloy wheel.

Replaced the deployed airbags and belts.

When the side seat cushion is triggered, the technological seam on the leather upholstery of the backrest is torn. The seam was repaired.

In addition, during the repair, we managed to use a used one, but in good condition, which made it possible to additionally avoid unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception on the market and such a combination of circumstances can be called luck. Most of the used parts do not meet the declared quality.

The cost of restoration (including spare parts and work) was: 162,828 rubles.

Range Rover Evoque

The owner of Range Rover Evoque contacted the Larson Car Body Center to eliminate the damage from a minor traffic accident.

The front bumper and the rear left door were damaged. Parts were repaired, a new plastic pad was installed.

By the way, the white color is considered one of the most difficult both in selection and in application. It has many shades and it can be difficult to “get into color”. Larson specialists can do this task.

The cost of repairs, including spare parts, was 35,500 rubles.

Skoda Octavia

The owner of Skoda Octavia contacted the Larson Car Body Center to eliminate paintwork defects. During operation, chips and foci of corrosion appeared on the body elements, and the varnish cracked.

If traces of corrosion are found on body elements, it is important to carry out repairs at an early stage, without waiting for the deep penetration of rust into the metal. Surface rust can be removed completely, treated with an etching primer and painted over. The reoccurrence of rust at the place of repair, in the absence of mechanical damage during operation, is practically excluded.

Corrosion that has penetrated deep into the pores of the metal cannot be completely cleaned out. Protective soils will slow down the corrosion process for some, possibly very long (2-3 years) time. Nevertheless, rust will again appear through the paintwork, or, having “swollen” the paint, will continue to make its way deep into the metal until it forms through corrosion. It will be possible to eliminate such damage only by replacing the part — in whole or in part (for example, in the case of the rear fender of a car).

Troubleshooting of paintwork damage was completed. All problem areas were found, corrosion centers were cleaned and treated with protective soils. After repair work, at the request of the owner, treatment with a protective compound Willson Silane Guard was performed.
The cost of body repair was: 48,780 rubles.
The cost of processing with a protective compound Willson Silane Guard with preliminary full deep restorative polishing of the car body: 29,990 rubles.

Audi TT

During the operation of cars with low clearance, there are frequent cases of damage to bumpers and door sills. Often the height of curbs, speed bumps, and in winter snowdrifts and parapet is higher than the lowest part of the body kit. As a result of even minor bumps, the body kits fly off the mountings, deform, the paintwork cracks and peels off.

This handsome Audi TT is no exception — a car with a sporty character and certainly low ground clearance.
The Larson body shop performed a repair and paint job on the front bumper.
The cost of the work was: 11,880 rubles.

Skoda Yeti

The owner of the Skoda Yeti contacted the Larson Car Body Center. The result of the traffic accident is the damage to the front right fender. It is quite time consuming to restore such a wing, and most importantly, it is economically inexpedient. Front right fender replacement required.

Larson recommends using original body parts for repairs. This ensures that the factory clearances are respected without additional fitting work.

Cost of work: 11,880 rubles.
(The price includes removal / installation, preparation, painting, polishing of the element and all consumables).