Parts painting

In March 2016, the Larson Car Body Center shop opened. For 4 years of successful work, we have solved a lot of problems related to various surfaces and paints and varnishes.

Today we present a new service — the color of any surfaces. The use of car enamel is not limited to painting only the body parts of a car, it can be painted on almost any surface — these are heating radiators, external and internal decorative elements, bicycle frames, household appliances, plumbing and much more.

We will help you choose a shade according to the catalog, as well as we can choose a color and shade according to the sample provided by you. The surface can be matte or glossy. The enamel is applied in compliance with all technologies, using professional equipment in a special chamber, followed by drying. In addition, we can paint with the paint of your choice. Anyway, painting at Larson is the right decision.